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In the busiest of lives across the world, there come certain moments that are wacky enough to leave one in splits! Thankfully these moments are captured on the camera just in time for the world to see. And NGTrends is where you’ll find these hilarious images!

NGTrends digital photo of the day is a great way to keep in touch with the amusing eccentricities of the world around you. Our image of the day section draws funny images from around the globe for you to enjoy.

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Meet The Heavily-tattooed Instagram-famous ‘Muslim soldier’ Who Lives A Lavish Lifestyle (Photos)

Sydney-based powerlifter, Yakiboy who calls himself  ‘Muslim Shia soldier‘ is described by followers as the ‘hottest man in the World’. Yakiboy who’s heavily-tattooed is fond of documenting his lavish lifestyle online. He has images of his fast cars, hard workouts and naked selfies he shared to his 62,000 Instagram followers. See more photos below.