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Music Download: Punchline – Hustle Oh!

Fresh off the massive success of his freestyle titled after the Hustle O hashtag and trend, Punchline is gifting the world with a single featuring new school Agege vocalist, Xunny. The country can be frustrating and hard but guys cannot just cross their hand and look. We all need to hustle o! DOWNLOAD HERE  

Music Download: Punchline – Stretch Marks

In the past months, there has been massive acceptance of Punchline’s cover of One Hit by Cobhams as well as the iconic video of the same song. Punchline has recorded and released a little something for his fans, especially the ladies, all around the world. It is titled Stretch Marks. It is a properly articulated […]

New Music: Punchline – One Hit (Cover)

Rising rap star, Punchline, in his relatable delivery style is not ashamed of being emotional about his heart desires in what is, arguably, the best cover of Cobhams Asuquo’s One Hit on the internet. One can only imagine the magic that will be created when Cobhams and this future of Nigerian and African rap put […]

New Music: Punchline- Fastlane (Cover)

New Music: Punchline- Fastlane (Cover) “Aggressive nature asking nobody for any favors./ But I’m nice enough to buy u sweets after I snatch ur paychecks” This is definitely a side of the rapper Punchline we have never been privileged to see until now.  After the release of his debut mixtape “Diary Of A College Boy” […]