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Joke: Patricks Obahiagbon Phone Conversation

Patricks Obahiagbon’s girlfriends phone rings Patrick Obahiagbon : Mary, your cellular gadget has intercepted some electromagnetic waves and is currently summoning your attention Mary: What ? Patrick Obahiagbon:your phone is ringing Mary : i am in the shower sweety,please answer it for me Patrick Obahiagbon: hello…. CALLER: Ndandeko na Mary (NYANJA). Patrick Obahiagbon: your lingual […]

JOKES: Final Exam Failure

Last semester a student took macroeconomics and didn’t have a clue what he was doing (as cited on the final exam). There were 80 multiple choice questions. For some reasons he decided to play the game of probability and choose the letter “A” for everything. In that game, the only thing probable was that he […]