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NGTrends (effect)

Do you have any products or services you want to showcase to the world and triple your sales? Well, you don’t have to look any further because NGTrends provides you with such great avenue.

With thousands of visits and pageviews on a daily basis, you have the right avenue to get your message accross to thousands of Nigerians. We also have strong social media presence with thousands of fans and followers on Facebook and Twitter. No wonder the rate at with every posts get shared to social networks a lot. This is also an advantage to our advertisers as their adverts get shared along with our pages.

Our advertising rates are very affordable while it reaches your target audience. Therefore, ad placement on NGTrends is a win-win situation for you. We also have a lot of userbase using their mobile phones to access NGTrends, so your advert is also available on the go too. Why not advertise on NGTrends then?

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