Home Entertainment Gists Tobi Bakre Finally Opens Up About His Alleged Leaked Photos With Alex
Tobi Bakre Finally Opens Up About His Alleged Leaked Photos With Alex

Tobi Bakre Finally Opens Up About His Alleged Leaked Photos With Alex


Big Brother Naija 2018 contestant, Tobi Bakre, has denied knowledge of the semi-nude picture of him and Alex which circulated on the Internet recently.

In an interview with the Punch’s Sunday Scoop, Tobi said, “I don’t know of any picture. There are usually a lot of things written about me online; so, I don’t usually have the time to keep up or comment on things I don’t know about.”

Explaining the status of his relationship with Alex, Bakre said, “Nothing has changed about my relationship with Alex. We are still good friends; that’s what it is and that’s what it will always be. I know that media usually links our name together but right now, I am focused on work. I am still close to former housemates that I see regularly such as Miracle and Alex. I only see Teddy A and Bambam once in a while but it’s all good vibes with everybody.”

On the lessons he has learned upon leaving the Big Brother house, Bakre said, “Within two months that I got out of the house, I have learned several things and I try to stay around people with positive energy. I have learned to keep my personal life private. It’s not everything about you that the world has to know. Fame is fleeting and it can be gone at any time. While you’re out there, try to add value and impact the lives of people; let people know what you stand for. Of course, I want to entertain people, but I also want to make an impact on the world. I believe I should be able to inspire people out there and teach them some life lessons.”

Highlighting his immediate plans for his career, he said, “Right now, I have five major projects that I’m working on. The major one is my photo exhibition which would hold soon. I am also going to be starting my Youtube show – Tobi Live – soon. It’s going to involve me sitting down with respected individuals to deliberate on topical issues. I also have a social initiative where I’m partnering with some people and organizations. We would go to schools to teach children about crafts and how to monetize their creativity.”



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