Home News Man Kills Wife in Front of Their 6 Weeks Old Baby
Man Kills Wife in Front of Their 6 Weeks Old Baby

Man Kills Wife in Front of Their 6 Weeks Old Baby


A woman who had just concluded surgery for many health problems was latter killed by her husband mocked over his lack of job.

Her husband, 31-year-old Chaiyaporn, reportedly committed suicide with the murder weapon leaving the health facility in a state of chaos.

Death came too early for a nursing mother in Indonesia whose husband Chaiyaporn shot her dead in front of her 6 weeks old baby.

The deceased Thanyamas Thanamsri, 26, was reportedly murdered alongside her father on Friday, June 15, 2018.

According to Metro UK News, the pair were killed during a visit to the hospital on the day.

“Death is closer than we expect, so, take care of the people you love,” reads the caption of a picture posted by Thanyamas Thanamsri.

Metro UK confirmed that she had a surgery for kidney, heart and lung failure two weeks before her death.

An argument between Chaiyaporn and his wife’s father, Samphan Thanamsri had reportedly led to the murders.

They were at the Nakhon Pathom Hospital when the father-in-law criticised him for not having a job.

Two patients were reportedly injured by stray bullets fired by Chaiyaporn. The damaging effect of a 38 pistol caused a flow of blood on the floor of the medical center.

“There was blood on the floor and a .38 pistol. Two people were dead and another was seriously injured and sent for surgery.

“Forensic police are gathering all the evidence from the scene and we will review CCTV of the area to discover exactly what happened,” says a police rep Lieutenant Colonel Wuttisit Kongsarawat in a report published by Metro UK.

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