Home Entertainment Gists Cardi B Confirms She Has Settled Rift With Nicki Minaj At 2018 Met Gala
Cardi B Confirms She Has Settled Rift With Nicki Minaj At 2018 Met Gala

Cardi B Confirms She Has Settled Rift With Nicki Minaj At 2018 Met Gala


Cardi B confirms her rift with Nicki Minaj is over following their chat at the recently held Met gala 2018.

The two hip-hop stars were rumored to have put any rap rivalry to rest on Monday night, May 7 after they were photographed chatting inside the Metropolitan Museum of Art bash, and now Cardi has confirmed all is well between the talented MCs.

“I never was feuding with anybody; there was a misunderstanding,” the pregnant artist told U.S. shock jock Howard Stern as she explained their falling out during an interview on Wednesday, May 9. “I think she felt a certain type of way about something. I definitely felt a certain type of way about something,” Cardi continued, hinting at the drama which surrounded their “MotorSport” collaboration with Migos last year.

“I didn’t wanna ever talk about it in public because I felt like we gonna see each other again (sic) and we will talk about it, and it’s always like, little issues…” she added. Cardi decided to take advantage of their paths crossing at the Met Gala to reach out to Nicki in person, and she is happy they are now able to move on from the tension. “I spoke to her at the Met Gala about it, and it’s just like, see?” she shared. “It’s just something that had to be talked about because it was an issue.”

The “Bodak Yellow” hitmaker also called out the press for trying to turn their disagreement into a full-on feud. “The media, they just so thirsty (desperate) to put women in hip-hop – not just women in hip-hop, colored women – against each other (sic),” Cardi added. “I don’t understand why they do that and why they want to do that. Like, I’ve seen so many Hispanic artists – females – work with each other, and it benefits them so well.”

Nicki recently admitted she felt disrespected by the 25-year-old after she seemed to criticize the “Anaconda” star for changing up her lyrics on the MotorSport track in an apparent bid to outrap Cardi, who is expecting a baby with Migos member Offset. She also claimed she was made to look like the “bad person” in promotional interviews after failing to film in any scenes with Cardi for the accompanying music video, even though everyone involved knew she had a scheduling conflict on the day of the shoot.

Minaj has yet to comment on her Met Gala get-together with Cardi.



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