Home Entertainment Big Brother Naija #BBNaija:’If You Can Never Get Yourself A Tobi, You Have Mental Problem’ – Alex
#BBNaija:’If You Can Never Get Yourself A Tobi, You Have Mental Problem’ – Alex

#BBNaija:’If You Can Never Get Yourself A Tobi, You Have Mental Problem’ – Alex


Big Brother Naija finalist, Alex came for an Instagram user who told her she needs to create her own identity separate from Tobi because she looks unserious.

Alex replied by stating if the lady can’t get herself a Tobi, she has a mental problem.

Read their exchange below,

Earlier in the week, the tall lovely served major hotness in a black dress which had her abs and her back on display when she graced a homecoming party held for her at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka in Enugu.

The beauty was out at the event with her bestie, Tobi Bakre who kept it simple in a white tee, black trousers and white sneakers.

Sharing the photos and videos on her page, Alex wrote,

There is nothing I can say or type that can show how grateful I am. Enugu,Nsukka, I’m blessed with you people. I’m proud to be a University of Nigeria Nsukka student. I’m proud to be a federation theatre member. I’m happy I’m loved. You people increased my confidence in being myself. @stinblaze_da_comedian @mitchy_mike I can’t thank you enough. The sponsors of my welcome, I am overwhelmed. @tobibakre you are irreplaceable. @z3lla_ I mithed u 🤣🤣🤣. See yasef. @teez_dora @nelly_cath God bless u. @poptvofficial Thanks for being around, the sky is a starting point. Many people to thank. Lemme come and be going before I type rubbish. May God bless you all. Never forget where you started from. #yourfavouritevillagegirl #unusual #wedyehair



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