Home News Politics Dapchi: Parents Occupy NASS, Demands Probe And Recovery Of Abducted Daughters
Dapchi: Parents Occupy NASS, Demands Probe And Recovery Of Abducted Daughters

Dapchi: Parents Occupy NASS, Demands Probe And Recovery Of Abducted Daughters


Parents of the girls abducted by Boko Haram terrorists, from Secondary School, in Dapchi, Yobe state, on Thursday, protested to National Assembly, demanding a total probe into the incident and actions that would lead to the quick recovery of their daughters.

The parents, both mothers and fathers, who wore black shirts with inscription, “We are Dapchi People”, said that they had come into Abuja on Wednesday night, to tell their stories to the seat of power and demand for action.

Some of the parents, who were practically weeping, recounted their ordeals since the abduction of their daughters, saying that it has been a nightmare.

Yahaya Taributu, a father of one of the abducted girls, told INDEPENDENT that three of his daughters were among the girls taken into captivity by the terrorists.

“Government should go and bring back our daughters”, Taributu demanded, blaming the abduction on the negligence of security forces.

Yobe state is in the war theatre in the North East and is within the Area of Responsibility of Operation Lafiya Dole, of the Nigerian military, but Taributu said that the military was withdrawn from Dapchi 21 days before the sad incident of their daughters’ abduction.

“We don’t know why government had to withdraw the army, but we believe that government knows better.

“We cannot, and will not rest over this matter, until we meet four eyes with our daughters,” he said looking very troubled.

On her part, Aisha Alhaji Bukar, a mother whose one daughter was also abducted, was weeping profusely, as she said that since the incidence, she has not being sleeping or eating well.

She said that the abduction of her daughter has turned her to a sorrowful mother, as she has remained very unhappy.

Adamu Gashuama, was another father to one of the abductees, whose daughter also suffered abduction, and Aisha Kundili Bukar, whose daughter was also kidnapped.

The parents were unanimous that the security of their town had been very porous, indicating that they were not surprised that their daughters were carted away cheaply.

One of them averred that as it were, it was very possible for the terrorists to take even mothers, fathers and all their children from Dapchi into captivity unchallenged, because of the poor state of security in the town.

The protest was supported by a coalition of Civil Society Organisations, advocating for women and the girl-child.



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