Home Entertainment Big Brother Naija #BBNaija2018: Ahneeka And Angel Get Evicted From The House
#BBNaija2018: Ahneeka And Angel Get Evicted From The House

#BBNaija2018: Ahneeka And Angel Get Evicted From The House


The eviction show on day 35 was the end of the road for Ahneeka and Angel as they got evicted from the #bbnaija house after spending five weeks.

Ahneeka had burst into the #BBNaija House as this sparkling bubble that lit every corner of the room she was in. From the beginning, her attractive physique caught the attention of the males in the house, just as the females viewed her suspiciously.

It took quite some time and a little bit more for other #bbnaija Housemates to relate with her, due to Ahneeka’s intimidating confidence which was obvious for all to see.

Although she made it clear very early on that she was in the House to win and was not looking for a fling, she had to fight tooth and nail to spurn romantic advances from Rico Swavey and Angel, while also keeping the wandering eyes of Bitto, Teddy A and Tobi at bay.

With time and her somewhat impossible poise, Ahneeka was able to win the housemates in the #bbnaija House with the use of her engineer brain power. Gradually, she soon assumed the discreet role of elder and counsellor as her peers turned to her for advice and strategies.

She was able to form a distinct pair with Angel, under the Gelah monicker. Ahneeka was able to win the arena games just a few days ago, becoming the first female of the season to do so. Angel however deserves some credit for their shared victory, for it seemed like he has softened up since entering the #bbnaija House.

A budding filmmaker, Angel never quite really managed to be liked in the #bbnaija House. Perhaps due to the fact that he is a muscleman and acts like he knows it all, which brushed off the wrong way on a number of the #bbnaija Housemates.

This perhaps got him side-lined very early on. Slowly and after a few sputters, Angel was able to find his space in the house and let his guards off. It was however a little too late.

The void left by Ahneeka and Angel will surely be one that can’t be filled in the big brother house.



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