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Sean Tizzle Did Not Relocate To America – His manager Reveals

Sean Tizzle Did Not Relocate To America – His manager Reveals


When Sean Tizzle jut came into limelight, he held music fans across the continent spell bound for more than 3 years. Not until recently when much has not been heard from the Shole crooner. His fans are even speculating that he has relocated to the United States of America, but his manager has come out to debunk that.

Sean Tizzle’s manager, simply known as Johnson says Sean Tizzle is still very much relevant in the music industry in Nigeria and he has been releasing songs that have enjoyed repeated plays on various media outlets across the country.

The insinuations that the artiste has relocated to America are not going down well with his management team and they have voiced out saying he is very much around in the country

Ever since it was announced that the singer has a daughter from his US-based Kenyan girlfriend, many speculated that the singer had relocated to America.

Johnson revealed that it was not true that the singer relocated to America in search of greener pastures. He said that the singer has been in Nigeria all the while working and traveling to the US to visit his family.

He said,

“Who are the people that are claiming that he has relocated to America? Have they seen him in America physically before they began to make insinuations? Nobody can claim that they saw him settle in America and I don’t know why they are saying he has relocated to America. If they have proof, they should share it. Sean has been in Nigeria for a very long time. He only goes to America to visit his family because he has a daughter there. That is normal, but saying that he has relocated is not true and nobody can say that.

“I don’t know how people perceive him but Sean Tizzle is a very deep person. He thinks about his content and it goes through a very deep thought process and at the end of the day, his music would come out well. He believes that whatever happens, he would continue doing his work regardless of what people may say or think because he knows he is good at it. He has a standard and he maintains it and I believe because he is good at his craft, people are asking after him.”



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