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Nigerian Actor Turned Security Guard In US, Femi Ogedengbe Blasts Nigerians

Nigerian Actor Turned Security Guard In US, Femi Ogedengbe Blasts Nigerians


Nollywood actor, Femi Ogedengbe who went off the radar sometimes around 2016, Femi Ogedengbe has published viral video in which he addressed a lot of issues affecting Nigerians.

The former actor who now works as a security guard in the United States called out the youths shaming him for his new job and said he makes better money from it than he did as an entertainer in Nigeria. He disclosed that while he was in Nigeria, he worried about how to feed his kids each day but that isn’t the case anymore.

He also called out Nigerian leaders, especially President Buhari for the current state of the country. The father, who welcomed twins in 2014 and named them Nollywood and Hollywood, said President Buhari is not fulfilling the promises he made to Nigerians. He also called out politicians like Rotimi Amaechi and also the “Godfathers”.

He said:

“Buhari, I don’t know how you are governing this country. This country, Nigeria, take a look at it. Are you proud of what is happening in the country? You came in with high hopes. You came in with all the promises in the world that the moment you come into the office this is going to happen, that is going to happen. But we all know what happened when you came into office.”

He added:

“And now people are dying in Benue. Your tribesmen are killing Nigerians by their numbers and you’ve not really gone out to address that issue. And you say people should not agitate for their own self-rule, they should not secede, they should not clamor for restructuring… it cannot happen.”

Addressing Nigerian youths, Ogedengbe said:

 “It’s a shame, I don’t know when this country is going to be better. And all we the youths do, we go on social media, attack each other. You don’t see any youth see any good thing in what the other person is doing. We are always looking for that thing, that fault. We are always looking for the fault in what the other person is doing.”

He also spoke about his job as a security guard in the US. He said it pays him better than Nigerian jobs and has helped him get his immediate family out of Nigeria while still working to help other family members escape. He also pointed out that more people are looking for ways to escape but lack of funds is the only thing keeping them back in Nigeria.

“I was respected like I was the king in Tanzania, that means I know my work but what did my work fetch me in Nigeria? Nothing. My son will be eating in the morning and I’ll  be thinking of what he and the rest of them will eat in the night. And you’re saying I’m doing security. If only you know how much comes with that. If only you know the benefits.”

Watch the video below.



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