Home Entertainment Gists Living In Nigeria For 40 Years & Keeping Your Sanity Is Hard – Foluke Daramola
Living In Nigeria For 40 Years & Keeping Your Sanity Is Hard – Foluke Daramola

Living In Nigeria For 40 Years & Keeping Your Sanity Is Hard – Foluke Daramola


Nollywood actress Foluke Daramola- Salako, who just celebrated her 40th year birthday has opened up about living in the country for 40 years. according to her, one of her greatest challenges in Nigeria is keeping her sanity intact.

In a chat with Saturday Beats, the actress noted that keeping one’s sanity in this country is a kind of herculean task and only the strong can stay intact.

“The turbulent thing I have faced especially in a place like Nigeria is that we are practically under pressure as celebrities. People keep demanding things from us and they don’t care how we meet their demands. They put a lot of pressure on me. Being psychologically and emotionally stable in Nigeria for over 40 years has not been an easy task.

People see the glamour on the television screen and believe that is how we live in reality. Being psychologically stable despite all odds like living up to expectation, the pressure of living the way you want to and also even differentiating reality from showbiz has not been easy. Those are my turbulent times. A good thing about being a celebrity, however, is that when you are known, you are celebrated and it opens doors for you. Being known gives you a voice when others are struggling to get a voice.” She said

According to the actress, her previous marriage was the worst phase of life she ever experienced:

She said,

“Another turbulent time for me was when I had to leave my first marriage. I would say I left the marriage as a shadow of myself. When I left that marriage, I felt less than myself and I felt the world had come to an end. That was a time in my life that was very turbulent. What I dread most in my life is to have a broken home and I experienced it with my first marriage. So I would say that was a time in my life that was really turbulent. But a very lovely and good time in my life was when I met the man I am married to. It was a wonderful time in my life.”

On why she chose to celebrate her birthday party with children living with Down’s syndrome, She explained:

“I did not throw a lavish birthday party because the age I attained was a significant one in my life. I wanted to celebrate it with people that I would always remember.

I have always had reasons to throw parties. Also, my birthday falls around Valentine season which is synonymous with love, so I decided to show love to the people who on a normal day are not shown love. I wanted to have a party with the special children to make them happy and feel special and that is why I celebrated my birthday with children living with Down’s syndrome.

It was also the 10th anniversary of my foundation, PARA, thanks to The Punch because it was an interview that I had with this medium that helped me launch the foundation. It was  ten years and so I decided to celebrate them together.”



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