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It Is A Perfect Day To Free Meek Mill – Rick Ross

It Is A Perfect Day To Free Meek Mill – Rick Ross


Its a perfect day for some Meek freeing. In the wake of the Philadelphia Eagles’ first ever Super Bowl victory, it seems like Meek Mill has been on everyone’s minds. Not only did the team make their grand entrance to Meek’s “Dreams And Nightmares” (which skyrocketed up the Billboard charts as a result),.

But many fans spent the majority of the post-game celebration. engaging in some serious “Free Meek” chants; in fact, some
exuberant Meek supporters even managed to get a police officer to join the cause.

Despite that, the rapper’s spirits remain high, and he recently spoke out about the Eagle’s victory, stating

“Last night, I felt especially proud to be from the great city of Philadelphia. All the heart that the Eagles showed in winning the Super Bowl has given the best fans in the world real hope and inspiration and I’m truly humbled.”

Now, on the eve of the Super Bowl parade, the boss himself has added his considerable voice to the discourse.

“Perfect day to Free Meek Mill,” writes Ross, as if hoping his appeal to Philadelphia pride will hold some legal weight. While it’s more a symbolic gesture than anything, it’s still cool to see Rick Ross riding for Meek, proving that the rapper may be locked up, but he’s certainly not forgotten.



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