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Guardiola Warns Players Against Mourinho Mind Games

Guardiola Warns Players Against Mourinho Mind Games


Pep Guardiola dismissed Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho’s concession of the Premier League title to his Manchester City side ahead of Saturday’s trip to Burnley.

Mourinho, whose rivalry with Guardiola stretches back to a stormy relationship as bosses of Real Madrid and Barcelona respectively, told a news conference on Friday that United are now playing for second place after falling 15 points behind City with midweek defeat at Tottenham Hotspur.

But Guardiola insists his side are not yet champions, despite his rivals already throwing in the towel.

“Not yet. There are 13 games, 39 points to play (for), we have a 15-point lead so it’s not over,” Pep said.

“We have an amazing run of tough games to play, for example at Burnley.

“Everybody knows here in England how complicated it is playing in Burnley, and after we have to go to Stoke and Goodison Park.

“We have games against Arsenal, Tottenham, United, Chelsea…it’s definitely not over.”

Former Barcelona and Bayern Munich boss Guardiola is refusing to get carried away despite City’s record-breaking campaign thus far as they chase a historic four-trophy haul in a packed schedule.

As the games come thick and fast, Pep recognises that changes must be made to keep the side in top shape.

“You talk with your staff and players and it’s something that you sense,” added Guardiola on his ability to find solutions.

“In many cases, we’ve seen wingers playing as full backs or midfielders as centre-backs.”



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