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#FreeMeekMill As Rick Ross Reminds Fans

#FreeMeekMill As Rick Ross Reminds Fans


Rick Ross is making sure we don’t forget about Meek Mill. Meek Mill ‘s trial has been all over the place as of late. Recent developments in his case showed that the sole witness, policeman Reginald Graham, was on a secret list of “corrupt cops,” leading Meek’s legal team to file paperwork for a Post-Conviction Relief Act.

The case has been relatively quiet as of late as we await the relief appeal in April and, in the interim, Rick Ross is reminding us all not to forget about the efforts to free the Philadelphia rapper.

Meek Mill is currently serving two to four years for violating his probation but because of the recent updates regarding police corruption, an April appeal will determine Meek’s future in prison.

Rick Ross previously shared his thoughts on the case, publicly saying it was a perfect day to free Meek Milly after the Philadelphia Eagles brought home the Super Bowl, and he is not slowing down as he shared a photo of Meek on his Instagram with a simple

“#FreeMeekMill” caption.

While the post is unlikely to bring the ongoing case any closer to a conclusion, the support is reassuring as the rap world still stands very much in unity with Meek.

Every time Meek gets in trouble with
the law, he ends up dropping some fire when he’s out. We’re sure Meek is writing some insanity behind bars in anticipation of his release.



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