Home Entertainment Gists ‘Cobhams Asked Someone Else Out Two Weeks after I Rejected Him’ – His Wife Reveals
‘Cobhams Asked Someone Else Out Two Weeks after I Rejected Him’ – His Wife Reveals

‘Cobhams Asked Someone Else Out Two Weeks after I Rejected Him’ – His Wife Reveals


Recounting their early days today at BBN wonderland event, Cobhams Asuquo gave a sneek peek into the early days of his relationship.

Cobhams told the audience at the event how he met his wife, started dating and then got married in December 2010.However his wife jokingly pointed out in her Instagram post this morning that Cobhams went on to date someone else, when she initially turned him down because she was quite young then.

Here’s what she wrote;

So hubby happily told the #BBNWonderland brides last weekend how he chased me for 7 years. But he never tells the story complete. Mr. Asuquo! That’s how he conveniently forgot to tell them that a few days after we first met, he called me on the phone (Nitel landline ?) and declared that he saw us as husband and wife. I was 18. He was 20. When I said I wasn’t quite aligned he asked someone else out like a week or two later!!!? Really??? Now how you gonna leave that part [email protected]”#MrAsuquoWellDoneO

Recall that sometime in 2015, Cobhams Asuquo in an interview said he will like to see his wife’s face someday.

Here are excerpts from the interview;

Where you searching for love at the time you met?

Cobhams: I wasn’t searching for love when we met for the first time. I told her that I liked her but she did not think I meant what I said; maybe she felt I was just another fellow. We were both fresh out of high school and about to get into the university. When I realised she did not think I was sincere, I went into other relationships where I did not find fulfillment. I decided to come back to her and it was a hard chase. I told her I was going to be a rich miserable bachelor if she didn’t accept to date me. I told her my mind was made up and I wasn’t going to marry someone else if she didn’t accept my proposal. I had to exercise a lot of patience until she had my time.

Did you nurse any fears that she might turn down your proposal?

Cobhams: Yes, I was scared because I wasn’t too sure of her response. When you are really in love, you don’t walk around thinking because you are the man, a woman would readily want to get married to you.



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