Home Entertainment Big Brother Naija #BBNaija2018: Pair Of Teddy A And Nina Emerge House Favourites
#BBNaija2018: Pair Of Teddy A And Nina Emerge House Favourites

#BBNaija2018: Pair Of Teddy A And Nina Emerge House Favourites


Asides the daunting and unarguably upsetting pair reshuffles that Biggie engineered, the #bbnaija Housemates had their plates full and overflowing this past week.

From having their sleep stolen by wailing baby dolls to actually tending to big babies and having to prepare their Safe sex Task pieces, there was absolutely no room for the #bbnaija housemates to be complacent.

Despite not having been completely invested in their Tasks, the #bbnaija Housemates managed to bag an undeserved Wager win and judging by their reactions, they didn’t expect Miracle to lead them to victory.

The reigning Head of the #bbnaija House managed to overcome and leave his adversaries pained as he walked away the ultimate Friday night game winner; taking his total wins to three.

Tobi And Cee-C made headlines once again with their on again and off again relationahip. This time however, Tobi seemed to be in the driver’s seat while Cee-C chased him around breathlessly. Alex and Leo’s relationship also took the front burner, with Alex literally in tears because of Leo’s cold shoulder. Drama much?

Another highlight to the week was the Nomination twist. Instead of the normal ‘choose who leaves’ drill, Biggie had the #bbnaija Housemates vote for their favourite pairs and surprisingly or not, Tena (Teddy A and Nina) came out as the average faves with 4 votes.

It’s quite difficult to say whether the pair owes this result to Teddy A’s charms or Nina’s softness; but they emerged everyone’s favourite in the #bbnaija house. This turn of events seems to be the universe’s way of patting Tena on the shoulder for their good deeds and is an undeniable game changer.

As reward for their meritorious existence in the #bbnaija House, Tena has bagged themselves immunity which comes with a lot of relief. The looks on their faces after Biggie announced that they’d been excused from the Head of Hoise qualifiers gave them away so much so that their fears could be felt through the screens.

Big brother also made it known that the duo was allowed to Nominate other #bbnaija Housemates but could not be nominated.

With the tension in the #bbnaija house getting higher by the day, the housemates seem to be wavering in the unknown. We wait to see how the backstabbing continues, since only time can tell what direction it will take.



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