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Actor, Funky Mallam Gives Marriage A Second Shot

Actor, Funky Mallam Gives Marriage A Second Shot


Nollywood actor and one of the housemates in the ongoing ‘Celebrity housemates’ reality TV show, Saeed Muhammad aka Funky Mallam, whose marriage to his first wife ended despite pleas for her not to leave, has remarried for the second time.

Funky Mallam who shared photos from his wedding ceremony wrote;

No word will or can express my gratitude to you all that made my wedding electrifying and colourful . In fact, let me just say a big THANK YOU and shot up ???

Here are photos from the wedding ceremony of the actor, 3 years after his first marriage crashed;

Recall that on his failed marriage, the actor who was asked what led to his marriage crash in an interview said;

You and I know that women are very delicate in nature. It is not safe to combine too many business engagements with a woman by your side because she could go gaga if her patience gets exhausted. What I am saying is that, at this stage of my career, I need a lot of concentration. So, don’t blame me if I choose to take my time because no man would wish to end up in the hands of a cantankerous wife. It would be a huge distraction to live with a woman that would feel insecure about your movement whenever you are out. That does not help in any business or relationship as the case may be.



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