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The Worst Excuses Men Make And Why You Should Never Make Them

The Worst Excuses Men Make And Why You Should Never Make Them


Every single one of us has been guilty of making up small white lies, excuses or exaggerating the truth at one point or the other which can be bad in our personalities. It could be that we made those excuses to get ourselves out of situations in which we want no part or simply because we enjoy making them.

Some of us make them more than others and for some of us, it is worse than others. Whatever category you fall into, it is best to know that if you don’t want to do something, you shouldn’t do it. Honesty still remains the best policy, of course, but if you struggle with speaking the truth, at least don’t make up some absurd excuse that’s going to come back to bite you.

As such, if you’re going to lie, ensure that the story is credible enough for you to remember. Or at best, try not to make it stupidly unbelievable like one of the following excuses men commonly use which brings terrible results.

Leaving Right After Sex
Giving an excuse that you have to be somewhere immediately after sex will do little for your reputation. Some of the worst excuses is saying there is somewhere you have to be or that you’re running late (except if you actually are).

Avoiding Physical Work
Telling her you are having a rough day when she needs you to actually help her with some physical work is something you should avoid. She doesn’t just need your brute strength but your company and few excuses will actually cut it.

Lying That You’re A Vegetarian
Whether you’re trying to score points with a girl or you simply don’t like the food at the restaurant that you both are is not enough excuse to lie that you’re a vegetarian. It is one lie you will definitely be caught in.

Saying You’re With Your Friend When You’re With A girl
Using a friends name to cover for your shenanigans is one of the worst excuses to come up with. Chances are you will get caught, except you’re smart enough to remember, keep your mouth shut and stay off social media.

Lying About An Allergy
Giving an excuse about an allergy to something she made for you, even though you don’t enjoy her cooking or because you are avoiding eating her food ranks on top of some of the worst excuses to make. You may likely forget you said this later on or even adduce your supposed allergy to something entirely different.

Not Being The Relationship Type
This excuse, if genuine, is actually a good one to get yourself out of problems. If you are however telling her this after you’ve had sex and you actually do have another girlfriend, be sure that she will catch you in it and it will be a less than pleasant situation for you.

Telling Her You’re Busy
This is the classic excuse of excuses and almost everyone uses it all the time. You should however be careful if you are using it wrongly with her and instead using your ‘busy’ time with your buddies. She will catch you someday.

Saying You Can’t See Her Because You Have Diarrhoea
If you are actually down with food poisoning, no excuse for staying away beats this. If you tell her you ate some bad food that has got you glued to the toilet, but in actual fact, nothing like that happened, then you’ve got serious questions to answer to when you are found out.



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