Home Entertainment Gists This Is What Shan George Has Been Busy Doing For The Past six Years
This Is What Shan George Has Been Busy Doing For The Past six Years

This Is What Shan George Has Been Busy Doing For The Past six Years


Until recently when she premiered her new movie, Grey Shadows, anyone may not be crucified for forgetting Shan George’s face in Nollywood.

In a chat with Sunday Scoop, George said the need to take care of her mother took her time, energy and money. According to her, this explains why she has not been acting regularly in the last few years.

She said, I’ve spent the last six years in different hospitals, taking care of my aged mother, who is bedridden. I’m her only child. She is now better and I’m working now.

Speaking on her new movie, she said, We have done our best to put out a good material for people to see and learn from. But being a commercial success is in the people’s hands. If they love the movie, it will surely be a commercial success.

The movie is a true life situation that has happened to more than 80 per cent of Nigerians and everyone can relate to it. In Nigeria, we take things for granted. I don’t understand why in some hospitals, we don’t have doctors on duty on Sundays because they need to go to church or attend to other activities. What happens if one is seriously ill? This is what the movie tries to address.

Although she is worried about piracy for her recent effort, she admitted that it was an evil that Nollywood filmmakers had been living with. For her, until the government does something about policies that can curb piracy in Nigeria, filmmakers will keep living with it.

She added that she didn’t think her age or being away for a while would limit her in the movie industry.

George added, So far, I don’t have regrets. I’ve done everything in the movie industry the way I feel it is best and I have left the rest to God.



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