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Remy Ma Speaks On Her Feud With Nicki Minaj, Says She’s Done

Remy Ma Speaks On Her Feud With Nicki Minaj, Says She’s Done


Remy Ma has finally moved forward from her nasty feud with Nicki Minaj, this she declared in a new interview when she addressed the bitter beef.

In the interview, Remy Ma who had previously released a career ending diss track ‘ShETHER’ for Nicki Minaj, said she has moved on despite people in the industry wanting her to continue with the beef.

The 37-year-old said she has made her stand known and people are getting to appreciate her, plus the fact that there are many female rappers who are talented in their own ways.

Read her;
“I have no problem opening up to my fans and being honest. After everything I went through, I was stripped. Literally: Clothes off, bend over, spread your cheeks, open your mouth, letters read, phone calls listened to.”

“I feel like I was able to help push forward this dope female rapper movement [in 2017]. I think folks just started appreciating that there are so many artists and that we are so talented in many different ways.

She continued, “Neither I nor Cardi [Cardi B] nor Kim [Lil’ Kim] nor any other female is single-handledly responsible for the emergence of more women in the rap industry.”

“We all contributed. When we start to think that one person is the end-all-be-all machine behind everything, that is when we get all the back-and-forth,” Remy concluded.

Remy dropped ‘ShETHER’ diss track for Nicki in February, the monster track grew to be one of the most talked about track of that period. In the song, She claimed Nicki slept with everyone on the Young Money team to further her career. Remy tagged Nicki “pass around B”.



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