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Kendall And Khloe Break Silence On Multiple Burglaries

Kendall And Khloe Break Silence On Multiple Burglaries


Reality star, Kendall Jenner has finally broken the silence months after burglars broke into her Calabasas home and a lovesick fan stalked her with letters, offering her marriage.

Speaking on their family show Keeping Up With the Kardashians , the top model said she is being targeted by burglars and stalkers, and it is for this reason her sister Khloe suggested she gets a gun for her own protection.

“So, I literally once a week have a stalker, maybe more, twice a week. Someone shows up at my house, every single day,” Kendall revealed on the show. And her sister, Khloe, who had suffered break-ins of her own, added, “I feel like we’re so targeted and people are now breaking into our homes and stalking us.”

Recall that Kendall’s Calabasas home was burgled by unknown men who carted away $200,000 worth of her valuables, and in July, the model sought legal protection after a fan began filling her mailbox with disturbing letters ranging from love notes to marriage proposals.

And for Khloe Kardashian, she had suffered one of the worst robberies in 2014, when thieves broke into her Tarzana home and stole her jewelries worth over $250,000.

Now, the sisters have bought into the idea of getting guns, but Kim Kardashian said she was not comfortable with it, and this is because she has children.

“I’m not comfortable with it. I wouldn’t want my kids around it,” said the wife of Kanye West, adding, “I wouldn’t want sleepovers going on here, with the kids here and I know there’s a gun.”

Still, Kendall and Khloe proceeded with their plans, and first they went to a shooting range. “I know Kim is so against us getting guns, but for Kendall and I, it is something we feel we need to do in order to sleep better at night,” Khloe said.



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