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GQ Pays Homage To Music Icon, Fela Kuti In His Home

GQ Pays Homage To Music Icon, Fela Kuti In His Home


Our colourful Nigerian culture has reached the global stage and we are dominating in every creative market which is why it’s no surprise that a publication like GQ saw fit to pay homage to the late, great Fela in his home, the Ikeja shrine.

Our artists are shaking the art world as the first Nigerian pavilion was opened this year at the Venice biennale, our musicians are influencing sounds all over the world and our unique sense of fashion is being recognised by fashion giants such as Vogue.

In the spotlight

Vogue’s interest in Nigeria was peaked by events like LFDW and concept store Alara which are dedicated to providing an important platform for the culture. Since then, the style bible has weaved its way in and out of the Lagos social scene,chronicling the trendsetters and influencers that make up our burgeoning creative space. Since then, many other international publications have sat up and recognised the raw, untapped potential that flows through our country.

GQ editorial

The latest GQ editorial shot at Fela Kuti’s shrine is an important homage to a man who dedicated his life to questioning the system. In these times where citizens find themselves at odds with the police force, SARS in particular. Times where the tension is palpable and the civil unrest is visible, we are reminded of artists like Fela Kuti who used music as a method of creating a dialogue and invoking change.

GQ, having recognised, that the heart of the city lies in the streets, incorporated the men who live and work in and around the shrine to pose in luxury outerwear juxtaposed with their well worn ankara outfits underneath.

GQ writes, ‘The world has a handful of musical meccas, none more sacred than Fela Kuti’s New Afrika Shrine In Lagos, Nigeria. We made a pilgrimage to shoot a fashion story with the local kids who hang out there—and to pay homage to the Black President himself. ‘



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