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5 Types Of Gifts You Should Give Your Woman This Christmas

5 Types Of Gifts You Should Give Your Woman This Christmas


Its four days to Christmas and everyone knows its a season of giving. Although, this year hasn’t really been easy for a lot of Nigerians because of the recession and high cost of living that shouldn’t stop you from gifting bae something nice. The good news however is that you don’t have to run your account dry to do achieve this. If you haven’t already thought of the perfect gift for bae this Christmas then this list is it

1. Make up set: If your woman is one who loves to make up, then buying her a make up set of her favourite product will be an ideal Christmas gift. This would show that you care about what she loves.

2. Colour isn’t something only children love. Women nowadays love bright colours in the form of a nice pair of heels or sandals and a nice bag to go with. Give her this and you will definitely be in her heart this Christmas and beyond.

3. A beautiful flask: Make sure you get a very trendy one that would make her eyes pop. This is one gift she could also share with you, no doubt she will think of you anytime she uses it. Isn’t that what you want?

4. Cook her something nice: There is nothing more romantic than a man cooking for his woman. No matter how bad the food taste, she’ll love it just because you made it but make an effort to make it deliciously as that will boost your points in the ‘few good men’ category.

5. Give her your love attention and care: Every woman wants that more than anything from the man she loves. What other way to make the Christmas memorable than shower her with all these.

Christmas happens only once a year, ensure you make this Christmas count for the woman you love. Merry Christmas everyone!!!



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