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A Responsible Christian Would Pay Tithe – Rev. Sam Adeyemi

A Responsible Christian Would Pay Tithe – Rev. Sam Adeyemi


Pastor Sam Adeyemi has just weighed in on the ongoing controversy about tithing.

Speaking with The Guardian’s Sunday Magazine, the Senior Pastor of Daystar Christian Centre basically states that this is compulsory.

Discussing the issue of where to tithe, he encourages Christians to pay at their churches in order to help out.

In his words, “…The main thing with tithe is that there is a principle. The 10 percent principle predated the laws of Moses; it is a very powerful principle. As to where to pay your tithe, the major thing it was used for before in the Old Testament, though there are other small things, was the running of the temple and maintenance of the priests.

“However, things have now changed. We have churches that have been registered and incorporated with the government, so they need to be run and maintained. So, the average person that is getting value from the church needs to support its existence. It is the fair deal so to speak.

“God’s ordained church needs to take care of the people there. In the New Testament, especially in Acts chapter 2, we saw the apostles making sure that nobody goes to bed hungry, that is the rule we have in our church. So, nobody in this church, no matter their class or where they come from must go to bed hungry. It’s money and resources that we use to do that.”

However, the Pastor goes on to say that believers should seek instruction from God.

He adds, “Now, what I would add is that New Testament Christianity comes with a very powerful principle of freedom, especially when you read the book of Galatians.

“There Paul said: “Don’t let anybody bind you with rope; don’t let anybody bind you with rules that God has not written. Don’t let them import it from the Old Testament … you don’t need to do anything to qualify for God’s grace.

“You can’t pay for it, that is why I would say a Christian can be led by God and God in His sovereignty has the right to instruct a Christian to do anything with his or her tithe. I would say that a Christian should be responsible enough to support the running of the church, where he/she is blessed spiritually.”



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