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Please Advise Me: My Girlfriend’s Confession Made Me Speechless…

Please Advise Me: My Girlfriend’s Confession Made Me Speechless…


Here is a short read from a male reader. Don’t forget you can sen your concerns to [email protected]

Good morning BOM.am kelvin a final year student of UNILAG , I am studying industrial chemistry , I am successful and I have archived a lot for my age, I have driven 2 cars in 2 years. ladies tend to fall for me because of my good looks, height and intelligence so I became a player, after some time I decided to quit the game when I met this girl Stephanie, she is a student of OAU, she is very beautiful, light skinned and a good figure.

I met her through her bestie whom is a student of my school, and just like that we became close, I invited her over, so that I can make love to her just the way I do on that night I found out she is a virgin.

At first I didn’t believe it so I decided to be patient and change my ways now and take her to be the love of my life, on the day she decided we should have s.ex she made me make a promise never to hurt or leave her and I did make that promise and I also told her to swear to me that she will never have anything to do with any man except me. Everything went well and we started dating. I was a very good boyfriend I didn’t even believe I could do the things I did for her, I showed her unconditionally love, care, romance and affection there is nothing she will ask that I won’t give her.

Then one day she met a male friend at her school by the name Michael. They became close, the guy always kept calling her, buying her gifts and as a guy I knew that its not normal for a guy to do such, I always warned her that I won’t be surprised if you and this guy f.uck or have a one night stand because this your friend Michael is up too something. But my girlfriend would laugh at me saying Michael is a nice guy that just likes her and they are friends because he has no close friends saying she trust him ,she even gave the guy my phone number to call me he called but I wasn’t satisfied.

I blocked him and still believed he was up to something. After several weeks of being friends the relationship was still fun, we dated for 1 year, I still remain the loving man that I am , one day my girl friend sent me a text saying “she is sad and crying right now that she can’t continue with the relationship that it hurt her but she has made up her mind to leave and that she loves me forever” I called her she didn’t pick and I replied her with a text saying “I am not surprised good luck with hoe life and have fun bitching around ” she called back crying and said I am wicked that why will I reply such a text that she was only teasing me to know my reaction if we did break up and I also said I was teasing her and we laughed about it but deep in my heart I knew something was wrong I promised her that I will buy her an iPhone but she said she wanted a Samsung so I placed orders for the Samsung s6 which will be delivered to me by Wednesday, she felt happy so I talked to her to length and asked to tell me the truth what happened that why did she send me such text she paused for a while and told me I should hang up that she will send me a text few minutes later I got a text from the woman I love the most the woman I have warned and taught so many things about life, the woman I wanted to marry and love forever, a woman that promised to never cheat.

She sent me a text saying she had s.ex with Michael, a guy she told me not to worry about a guy she told me that they are just friends. She said she was high and didn’t know when it happened. I laughed and told her I knew it will come to this she cried and told me she was sorry that she knows I will be upset and want to punish her that she didn’t deserve my love. I laughed and I maintained my cool and invited her over. As I speak to you the love I have for her is dead and she is right here with me. I am still treating her right and showing her love. I will give her the phone and things I promised but I am done with relationship for good that’s my decision.

But what do you guys think I should do to her right now ?

I Am Ayex The only reason I haven't posted it is cos it aint TRENDING. I love posting what matters and the reason it isn't trending is b'cos its not important :-)


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