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Please Advise Me: Did I Over react Or Did The Right Thing

Please Advise Me: Did I Over react Or Did The Right Thing


I need opinions on this i have a GF whom I love very much I wanna believe she loves me too but it’s confusing at times we’ve been together for 7months.

Now the issue is when we met she had just broken up with this guy although I asked her out before and she told me she’s seeing someone so I left her then couple of months later we were chatting and I got to realize she has issues with the guy so I swooped in and she said yes.

But ever since then this guy has been asking her to take him back he harasses her all the time even at her work place(my gf told me she never loved the guy but she stayed with him cos he spends on her. P.S I’m a salary earner I don’t earn much but the little i get I share with her.

He was her first btw and he deflowered her). I’ve never been involved in a fist fight over a girl in my life I’m not the violent type but I did with this guy cos of the ways he talks shit about me he’s got a loose mouth telling people I stole his gf and that I tell people I don’t love her that I only wanna hit and run, which is not true he harass her even when he sees us together he always wanna create a scene but I had always try to keep my cool until I could take it no more my gf would always tell him to leave her alone even in my presence but he wouldn’t bulge.

Now my gf needs some cash to get some things done she asked her dad and he said he wouldn’t help her that why did he left the guy who was giving her money for me. Now my gf said she’s gonna go ask her ex for the money and I lashed out at her and told her if she ever does that she should never call me again it’s been a week and I haven’t seen or heard from her ever since (before then we see everyday).

Did I over reacted or did I did the right thing by not wanting to be ridiculed and made a laughing stock? I would appreciate your sincere opinions thank you.

I Am Ayex The only reason I haven't posted it is cos it aint TRENDING. I love posting what matters and the reason it isn't trending is b'cos its not important :-)



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