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Please Advise Me: My Husband Said He No Longer Have Feelings For Me

Please Advise Me: My Husband Said He No Longer Have Feelings For Me


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I and my husband have been fighting over these past 2 weeks, I mean he picks offense in every little thing I do, lemme give you an example. His phone was ringing a week ago, the number was not saved, so I just jokingly said maybe it’s your girlfriend, he took offense in that and made us fight.

He sparks at every little thing I do. Last night I was trying to talk things out, he got angry again and walked out. I followed him and after like 30 mins I asked him is this how he wants us to keep fighting? We should at least try. He shouted at me and said that he doesn’t want to talk till today.

Today came, he came and met me and said he will call my mom to tell my dad that it’s over and that he wants me to leave his house. I tried telling him not to (let’s sort it out ourselves, he’s fond of telling outsiders our problem anyway) he called her and she spoke to him, he said that he doesn’t want and I should leave, my dad called o, he said the same thing. He said that he has been bottling things up and he has finally exploded.

My father said I should come back home with my baby (6months old) I have begged him, my mother has pleaded, he still refused. I mean I know I’m not perfect, but I feel at least he should give room to talk it out and fix things. He even told my mom that even on bed he doesn’t have feelings for me anymore. It’s very hard for him to get it up these days. Which is true, we haven’t has s.ex for weeks now (I also don’t get horny for him anymore tbh) but I’m willing to work on it.

When we fight he usually says I should tell my father to come get me and then he’ll calm down and apologize. But this is the first time he’s taking it to this level. Right now I’m in my fathers house, my baby is ok but she’s obviously not as happy as normal. I have told him to please give us a chance again at least because of the baby.

He said that if I can’t take care of her I should bring her to his house and he’ll take care of her. I honestly do not need any thing from him, I’m comfortable here but I know my baby isn’t used to this. He has been going on about how we can’t work because he has changed, and he doesn’t have feelings anymore.

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