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Men Only: I’m Here To Vent About Some Annoying Nigerian Girls

Men Only: I’m Here To Vent About Some Annoying Nigerian Girls


I am here to vent. You can post this if you want. I read a lot of your post where a girlfriend will notice the boyfriend or fiancé acting all weird, you see a chat where he confesses so much love to another girl, tells her you are his sister and you are cooking, chai! what an insult?

Promises the girl that his heart belongs to him! And this ladies will still come here to ask Should I leave him??

I am not understanding o! I don’t care if he is playing the other girl! Why will you be with that kind of guy hoping something serious will come out of the relationship??

Haha some questions eh! It’s tiring and disappointing what our ladies have reduced themselves to! Dear Ghost GF abi uncle’s sister, stay and waist your time the more okay?. He is probably only missing the food you used to cook o, or any other thing you used to do for him and may be his real lovely girlfriend is not close by to do the cooking that’s why he is faking he still loves u, love fire, lust ni!!!!

My dear, It hurts to be deceived once but don’t be fooled twice, don’t be desperate and allow yourself to be brain washed by sweet talks! He might be honest at first when the relationship started but now he is obviously messing with you! Dump his ass and bounce without looking back! Take your time, go out with friends, play games, get busy, block him everywhere and MOVE ON!

Anyone who knows me personally will relate! I gat no patient with male folks who treat me less! Deceive me once, I promise you that will be the last??

Build your standard ladies! I don’t care who these guy pose to represent! Wether they are rich, doctors, consultants, whoever they appear to be, forget it! If they belittle you and cause you bitterness of heart! They do not worth you one beat… BOUNCE into a BETTER YOU and take your time to fall in love!

The speed with which we fall in this love eh!!!! Ah ah! Any small thing we met, we clicked, we had sex, I really love him and he loves me too…who told you that you love him? How can you even speak for him? They say am wicked but I just feel it’s wise to know who you are and carry yourself that way! It’s not pride,

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I Am Ayex The only reason I haven't posted it is cos it aint TRENDING. I love posting what matters and the reason it isn't trending is b'cos its not important :-)


  1. Vackra, välsittande och formande underkläder kan verkligen göra skillnad. Triumph har sådana underkläder, så jag skulle hemskt gärna vinna ett presentkort. Tack för en inspirerande blogg!Josefine


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