Home Entertainment Gists ‘I’m ready to dethrone you, fight or shut up’ – Deontay Wilder dares Anthony Joshua
‘I’m ready to dethrone you, fight or shut up’ – Deontay Wilder dares Anthony Joshua

‘I’m ready to dethrone you, fight or shut up’ – Deontay Wilder dares Anthony Joshua


American reigning WBC heavyweight champion, Deontay Wilder has called out British-Nigerian boxer and world heavyweight Anthony Joshua to come out to ‘fight him  or shut up.’

The 32-year-old who defended his title for the sixth time on Saturday defeated Haitian-Canadian professional boxer Bermane Stiverne in the fight that lasted only one round.

In a new video Wilder posted on Instagram, he is heard sending a threat to the Brit to stop delaying negotiations as he pushes for a 2018 showdown.

He said: ‘Anthony Joshua, you know I’m coming for you. ‘There’s no need to talk about next year or the year after that or 2020 – 2018 is what you should be worried about.

‘You said if the people want it then you want it. Well, the people want it. Do you? Or do y’all have some hidden agendas? Are y’all hiding anything?

‘We’re on it so either fight or shut up. Your promoter (Eddie Hearn) has talked so much. He says you’re gonna knock me out in three rounds? Let’s see it.

‘I’m ready to dethrone you, I will be heavyweight champion of the world, I will defeat you. Are you up for the challenge?’

While WBO heavyweight champion Joseph Parker from New Zealand is another boxer who’s hoping for a fight too.

Speaking NZ Herald, Parker said: ‘There is interest from the Joshua camp which is why we’re talking to them now. ‘He’s my preferred option. Everyone wants to fight him but I honestly think in his last performance he didn’t look the best.

‘I didn’t look the best in my last performance because of the style I had in front of me. I think his style matches mine perfectly and I honestly think I can knock him out.

‘My gut tells me it’s 50-50. Our team really wants it. We’re 100 percent in the fight. On their side, I’m not so sure. There’s a lot of talk there and it’s hard to gauge. I think for Joshua and their team it shouldn’t be about the money it should be about his legacy and trying to unify the belts and seeing who the best is.

‘They can easily take a voluntary and make big money but for us I think they should pay us a bit more because I have a belt.’

However, it didn’t take long as Joshua reacted, insisting the fight will happen on his terms in the near future.

Speaking to the Press Association, he said: ‘If Wilder’s not making an offer we’ll do it on my terms. Present him with an offer, and see how they feel about that offer.

‘That only goes to the champions: Deontay Wilder and Joseph Parker. It’s the same situation to both of them.

‘It’s no problem if Wilder wants to fight early next year, but no offers have been made to me. There has never been an offer. Everyone says they want to fight, and then sits back and waits for me to do all the homework.

‘What we then have to do – which Eddie’s doing – is fly out to the United States to make time.

‘No offers have been made from their or our side; we had a mandatory in place, and now we’re taking the time and effort to get the ball rolling.

‘There’s one thing talking and acting, but negotiations don’t happen over social media. We’re now making the moves forward.’



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