Home Entertainment Gists Burna Boy’s Camp’s ‘Flimsy’ Excuses On Why Singer Is Yet To Honor Police’s Invitation A Slap On The Force
Burna Boy’s Camp’s ‘Flimsy’ Excuses On Why Singer Is Yet To Honor Police’s Invitation A Slap On The Force

Burna Boy’s Camp’s ‘Flimsy’ Excuses On Why Singer Is Yet To Honor Police’s Invitation A Slap On The Force


Over the past few years, the activities of the Nigeria Police in providing adequate policing have been questioned by the citizens of Nigeria several times. Some livid individuals have gone to the extent of calling out the law enforcement agency on social media for its disgusting activities such as bribery, corruption, bullying of citizens and illegal arrests.

The tension caused by the force is however more than the security it provides in the country. How safe are Nigerians in the hands of the Police? Only a victim of any of the aforementioned mayhems can explain this.

The question I keep asking is, are Nigerian celebrities bigger than the law or not? Can they commit crime and just walk away freely without the Police going all out on them like it does to other ‘casual’ citizens?

I’ll narrow this piece to a particular celebrity, Damini Ogulu, popularly called ‘Burna Boy’, who appears to be bigger than the Nigeria Police as a whole. The ongoing show of shame between the singer and the force has prompted many to ask whether the Police really know what it’s doing or not.

Since the police has lost its credibility, some of its activities are not coming as a surprise to many, what else do you expect from a force so many people have lost confidence in? Of course, nothing spectacular, perhaps nothing at all.

Recently, Burna Boy was fingered in the robbery case of fellow Nigerian artiste, Abinye David Jumbo better known as Mr 2Kay. Mr. 2Kay was attacked and robbed by four heavily armed men last month after the Buckwyld show in room 847 on the 8th floor, where he lodged for the event. The robbers were said to have gained access to his room after claiming they were room service sent up from the hotel reception to clean the room.

A statement offered by the Lagos State Acting Commissioner of Police, Edgal Imohimi confirmed “during interrogation, the robbers confessed that they were hired by Burna Boy through his manager, Joel Kantiock, who was arrested in Zaria, Kaduna State.”

The statement that was made available to the media added that Burna Boy has been evading arrest. “At the moment, efforts to apprehend Burna Boy is proving futile but we count on him to make himself available for questioning immediately.”

Surprisingly, another twist erupted when Burna Boy’s management offered a counter press statement to declare the state’s police a liar, saying its singer was not on the ‘wanted’ list of the Lagos State Police Command. This same statement alleged that Burna Boy had reported himself to the police and agreed to cooperate following the invitation he got on November 20, 2017.

The drama continued as the state’s Police released another statement insisting that Burna Boy is still wanted. Even till date, Burna Boy is yet to make himself available to the Police and he’s in the country going about his normal activities like a free citizen of Nigeria. Who is deceiving who? Is Lagos Police playing us or its not just capable of arresting the singer?

Another ridiculous interview of a source in Burna Boy’s camp, published by Punch Newspaper on Saturday, November 25, 2017, claimed Burna Boy is not guilty and too busy for to make himself available for the police. Apparently, Burna Boy is now a ‘lord’ that is capable of doing whatever he wants while the police runs after him like puppy.

The source said, “Burna Boy is neither on the run nor avoiding the police; he is not guilty. I cannot tell you his exact whereabouts but he is in the country recording. Also, you should know that as the festive season approaches, demand for his services would be on the increase, so he is preparing for appearances as well.

“Initially, when he was invited, he could not go to the station because of his engagements, so his father went to the police station in his stead. But now that the police have insisted that they want to see him personally, he would surely honour their invitation. He is not guilty of the charges levelled against him.”

These events say a lot about how the laws of Nigeria have been abused by the police, a man who had been declared wanted is still in the country, recording music and preparing for shows and the police cannot arrest him? This is absurd!

Is the police not capable of arresting Burna Boy or the fact that he’s a musician is a good reason he should be given soft hand?



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