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Woman Dies After Having Four Abortions In A Year Because Her Husband Wanted A Son

Woman Dies After Having Four Abortions In A Year Because Her Husband Wanted A Son


A woman in China has reportedly lost her life to having four abortions in a year after her husband insisted on having a son.

The woman, Yueyue had previously borne a girl and was instructed by her husband to terminate the pregnancy anytime she conceived a girl, according to Chinese media.

Her husband was reported to have proposed a divorce earlier this year after the woman had been left bedridden by the traumatic medical operations.

According to a report on Huanqiu.com, the woman gave birth to a baby girl in Shengangzhen of Wuhu, Anhui Province but her husband wanted a boy.

So the couple started trying for another baby and Yueyue fell pregnant, her husband requested her to undergo an ultra-sound scan to identify the gender of the unborn baby.

And when the scan showed Yueyue was carrying a girl, Yueyue’s husband forced her to have an abortion.

The process repeated four times in one year as Yueyue’s husband was determined to have a son.

Yueyue’s health deteriorated and she was left bedridden but rather than take care of her her husband sent her a divorce proposal.

The report said Yueyue had no choice but to agree to the divorce.

Yueyue took her 170,000 yuan (£19,208) divorce settlement to a hospital in Shanghai to seek medical attention.

The doctors failed to save her and she passed away.

Pictures have emerged showing Yueyue’s mother and her other family members brought Yueyue’s bone ashes and the couple’s daughter to her ex-husband’s home on July 17 to seek justice for the Yueyue.

Yueyue’s mother was said to have suffered a stroke because of Yueyue’s death and was left wheelchair-bound.

Yueyue’s ex-husband refused to come out to meet the family and hid in his neighbour’s house.

Onlookers gathered around the house and the police were called.

According to the report, the man was planning to buy a new car to marry another woman.

The incident had caused an outrage online. Many web users said the man should be held responsible for Yueyue’s death.

One user said: ‘He would not get a son even if he marries 18 wives.’

Another user, ‘sifeiza’, said: ‘Does he think he is an emperor? What’s so good to have a son?’

It’s understood that the case is being investigated by the police.



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