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Some Freestyles Are Written – Boogey

Some Freestyles Are Written – Boogey


The general knowledge is that music freestyles are an unplanned event – whether in the studio, in a competitive battle or on a live show – it is believed that artistes create the words, lines in their verses from pretty much no where (what some of us might refer to as offhand), and without careful or proper thought.

However, rapper Boogey has cleared the air of misunderstanding on this ideology. He says freestyles can actually be written. The reason they are called freestyles is because they are about nothing in particular i.e., there’s no topic or concept behind it. But they can be written. He also said that there are written freestyles.

So it’s possible that your favourite rapper came prepared to freestyle just before he got put on the spot.

Do you agree with Boogey?
Watch the video and share your thoughts on this.

There are written freestyles – Boogey

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