Home Entertainment Gists Why I Have Not Divorced My British Wife As Announced – Actor, Yomi Fabiyi
Why I Have Not Divorced My British Wife As Announced – Actor, Yomi Fabiyi

Why I Have Not Divorced My British Wife As Announced – Actor, Yomi Fabiyi


Nollywood actor, Yomi Fabiyi, has disclosed that he wasn’t yet divorced from his British wife, Fran, after his announcement months ago that they were gong their separate ways.

Yomi said that he was still married to Fran legally and that he only moved to divorce Fran because he was no longer happy with the union.

“I’m still married, I’m not divorced, until I find somebody… because to be honest with you, I decided to quit the marriage because everything we do in this life, we want to be happy, that is the bottom line. The height of everything everybody does is to be happy and if at a point I realise that marriage is not giving me the kind of happiness that I want, I believe I’m an adult, I should be able to take a walk,” he said

He also disclosed that his wife was flying in from the UK next week to hold crunch talks about their union after which he would initiate the divorce proceedings if they agreed to do so.

He said, “I decided to take a walk and I was to initiate a divorce but divorce is not done by one person. I spoke to my wife and to my dismay, her reaction was very subtle, she regretted the lapses and the loopholes in the marriage and we are still trying to look at it if we are still going to get the divorce, it’s also very costly. And that is why one should think before going through court marriage. Even if you have the money to process it, how are you sure the Judge would even assent to your divorce? I can only say I’m in Limbo. I’m still married with the intention to divorce, me and my wife are not quarreling, we talk, she is not really down with the divorce to be honest with you. She would be coming to Nigeria in July she still wants us to talk about it. I just need to pour out my mind to her because it wasn’t very easy living alone. When she comes and we talk and it doesn’t work out and we decide on a divorce, I will fund the divorce then I will be thinking about remarrying.“



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