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Female Rider Assaulted By Taxify Driver Further Speaks On Incident

Female Rider Assaulted By Taxify Driver Further Speaks On Incident


On Friday, July 28, 2017, a Twitter user @juiciestofjays narrated how she was sexually assaulted by a Taxify driver.

In a Twitter thread, she narrated how the driver Iniobong squeezed her nippl* during the ride. “YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE WHAT JUST HAPPENED TO ME” she tweeted at 2:50PM.

During her trip, her driver reached out and squeezed her nipple. “You can’t even imagine my shock” she tweeted. According to her, the driver said “lesbians don’t react to male touch so I was curious.” Earlier before the incident, the driver had struck up a conversation about sexual orientation.

Later in the day, he was in police custody and charged with sexual assault.

According to her she has been using Taxify since it was launched in Lagos but this is the first time she has had a sexual assault incident with one of its drivers. She said that the driver showed no remorse for what he did.

“When he squeezed my nipple he laughed, still in disbelief that I was a lesbian and had no idea that he had violated me” she said. After he dropped her off, she told him this was going to be the end of the matter.
“I told him he wasn’t going to hear the last of it and the moment I sent a tweet out to Taxify, friends and strangers with connects to both military & police personnel started reaching out to me asking for his details and how they can pick him up.
“Taxify was swift in responding, I was called by one of them. She apologized and asked if I was alright then told me he has been blocked off the platform and the police had already been called on my behalf.

When he was arrested, she sent pictures but I will be going to the station today for a statement and to make sure he is charged immediately so his rights are not violated”.

When asked if she has any hope the case would reach its logical conclusion she said “If it doesn’t, Taxify knows the consequences.”

Taxify has released a statement since the incident.

“On the 28th of July 2017, we received a series of tweets alongside video footage from one of our riders alleging that a driver-partner had inappropriately touched her.
“The incident described here is abhorrent and against everything we believe in and there is absolutely no place for this kind of behavior at Taxify.
“As a result of this, we took swift action in removing the driver from our platform and inviting the police in to conduct a full independent investigation of the incident.
“While this incident is regrettable, we want to assure all our riders that providing best-in-class safety is our priority. We are working on building even more safety programs and intensifying existing ones by making sure that we leverage every tool at our disposal to set the highest standard in safety that we can”

Terver Bendega, a rep for Taxify said. The victim ‘@juiciestofjays‘ is a law student at the University of Lagos and a multi-disciplinary artist.



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