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Britain’s First Pregnant Man Gives Birth To Baby Girl

Britain’s First Pregnant Man Gives Birth To Baby Girl


A British man has made history by becoming the first male to give birth.

Hayden Cross made headlines around the world when he announced he was pregnant by a sperm donor, three years after becoming legally male through gender reassignment.

It is understood that the 21-year-old, who gave birth by caesarean in mid-June, is undergoing hormone treatment to complete his transition.

Cross, who was born Paige, told The Sun:

“She’s perfect in every way.

“She is so good. I’m so lucky.”

Mr Cross was born a girl and has lived as a man for three years, taking male hormones during the period.

During the course of his transition, he had asked the NHS to freeze his eggs before the process was completed to allow him to have children later in life.

But the NHS refused his request, prompting Mr Cross, from Gloucester, to use an anonymous sperm donor to go ahead with his pregnancy.

Mr Cross now plans to complete his gender realignment as soon as possible.

Recounting his pregnancy, he said:

“I faced the prospect of not becoming the man I’m supposed to be, physically, or a dad.

“So I didn’t feel like I had any choice but to have a baby now then get back to transitioning.

“In September I got pregnant by a sperm donation.

“I found the donor on the internet.

“I looked on Facebook for a group and found one — it’s been shut down now. I didn’t have to pay.

“The man came to my house, he passed me the sperm in a pot and I did it via a syringe.”

Cross, it was learnt, has no contact with the child’s biological dad and does not know his name.

He said at the time: “I found I was pregnant two weeks after the sperm was inserted.

“It was mixed emotions.

“I was happy but I also knew it would be backtracking on my transition.

“It’s like I have given myself one thing, but taken away something else.

“It’s a very female thing to carry a baby and it goes against everything I feel in my body.

“I was finally starting to become myself and become a man physically — but now my body is going in the opposite direction.”



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