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America’s First Daughter, Ivanka Trump Writes About Meeting 2 Excaped Chibok Girls In White House

America’s First Daughter, Ivanka Trump Writes About Meeting 2 Excaped Chibok Girls In White House


President Trump’s daughter,admitted itnka writes about the honour of meeting two excaped chibok girls, Joy and Lydia at the white house. Read her post below…..

See more photos below

The two girl has however been admitted into the southeastern university for their studies.



  1. May Almighty Continue to bless American for taking care of the Chibok girls whom God have spared their lives from the hand of enemy of progress. wishing the girls more success in their career.

  2. Really grateful to God for sparing the lives of these two angels and to America too for accommodating them. May God through President Trump restore American’s lost glory and sanity in Jesus’ name. Amen!!!

  3. God bless President Trump. We ask for more support for the remaining Chibok girls held captive in Nigeria.

  4. Glory be to God, thanks to ttrump America first daughter too may badoo scater all the boko haramite amen

  5. we should not be deceived by this propaganda, this is just their normal political play, APC is at work again, without being told, those two girls that I am seeing here have not being to the shore of this country be for, the names of abducted girls published in Jonathan regime, there is no name like joy and Lydia, plsssssss oooooooo make u na nor dey deceived us there is God oooooooo.

  6. I’m disappointed that they’re telling the world that these are chibok girls., hv u been to chibok, seen the people or even is spoken to people of the state…! damn Trump doesn’t care & besides he’s all about showbiz.

  7. Propaganda!!!!! Aren’t the chibok girls supposed to come from the northern part of Nigeria? Joy? Lydia? who bears those in the North? These are Christian if not eastern names and now they are being thrown in our faces as names of Chibok girls. Obviously this is a big sham to keep agitators at bay. Give us Muslim n northern names and maybe we will believe you. Great Nigeria

  8. scam alert. this cannot be chibok girls na. when were they released that they have grown? what about the names and even the dressing…I don’t buy this nonsense please.

  9. I can’t believe this. This is false. The chibok girls were Muslims and with northern names, how come this Christian names? I smell rat here

  10. na only Joy and Lynda waka come white house? what happened to the rest girls that came out from sambisa? these two for sure were never in that Bush I beg ooo ivanka make u nor dey deceive ur self with ur papa

  11. The chibok girls that was kidnapped were actually Christians. Don’t be surprised with d names, However dis girls could be the first set of girls that had been earlier kidnapped by the boko haram long before the mass kidnapping we are originally aware of. Boko haram had been kidnapping girls from northern towns long before the whole Nigeria knew abt their existence. There are a lot of escape victims now in the overseas.

  12. God almighty created us through his image and love. yes!this a life what of immolation. love it.

  13. I thankgod amighty to so much for salvaging the precious lives of those queens of their kinds from their ignoramus enemies captors.I am most grateful to the government of America led by world president Donald Trump for giving divine freed captives a warmth reception in their country. A pray that our lord god almighty will restore the inexplicable lost glory of America before the expiration of Trumps’ despensation in the white house.
    Again,may god see through those two determined and courageous girls to mark greater impacts in life in jesus name,Amen!

  14. hmmmm.
    abeg make i turn chibok girl, so that i go visit white house when dem free me.

  15. If other nations can belief our story dear conspiracy theorists in Nigeria and about, and even act positively on it, what more is expected of you and me. The chibok girls abducted have been reported over the news on several occasions, to have come from a federal government school in Borno, these kind of schools allow different tribes to attend. That’s a simple explanation to why their names are not northern. I really commend the trust of Donald Trump and his household as well as the american government, I am immensely grateful to them that they would extend this hand of friendship and support to citizens of nations in distress. This is the simple positive attitude found in developed societies that makes us wonder about the magic behind their status. I hope honestly to be affiliated as such, with American honor someday.

  16. Great!Great!America government, God bless Us,God bless Nigeria.
    Nigeria government.learn more to promote unity and love

  17. The chibok girls were Muslim, so why the name joy & lydia?not even composed as this girls in the picture.


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