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9ice Teaches How To Write Long Lasting Songs

9ice Teaches How To Write Long Lasting Songs


Talented singer, 9ice, has admonished artistes to do less of freestyle songs if they wanted to make music that will last for decades.

The singer said that the art of painstakingly writing one’s songs as well as singing about things that the audience can easily relate to were key ingredients to making songs that won’t easily fade off.

“To make music that will last longer than your lifespan or for some decades is by not recording majority of your songs by freestyle. It’s by writing your songs, first writing, second writing, third writing then your final writing before you even record the song. Check your lyrics, criticise (critique) your lyrics, make sure they’re deep. Make sure they’re things people can relate to, use the language, experiences that they can relate with. Make choices of topics that affect people. Don’t talk about Chicago in Nigeria, talk about Idumota market, things that they know. Don’t talk about things that they don’t know, don’t talk about the life that you don’t live. These are the things that can guide you to write songs that can last long than your lifespan,” he told Planet TV.



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