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Presidency Slams Fayose For Calling For Buhari’s Resignation

Presidency Slams Fayose For Calling For Buhari’s Resignation


The Nigerian government has slammed Governor Ayodele Fayose of Ekiti State over his call for the resignation of President Muhammadu Buhari.

Fayode, in a press conference in Lagos on Tuesday, had called for the resignation of the president on grounds of his ill health.

In his assessment of President Buhari’s two years in office, Fayose said the president has failed Nigerians and demanded his resignation from office.

‎”He can do us the great help by resigning. Not resigning bothers on his integrity. ‎ His absence allows others to suppress and oppress others and that means he is allowing others ‎to suppress their fellow human beings.”

“There are many governments in one and they are clueless. ‎ We need an active president going by our numerous challenges. ‎How long will Nigerians wait for an incapacitated president‎?”

“We cannot wait again for somebody to hold us to ransom. ‎I don’t have any bad blood against Buhari, Osinbajo has no powers without the president. He owes us the duty to tell us the state ‎of his health,” Fayose had said.

However, in a swift reaction, the Presidential Adviser on Political Matters, Babafemi Ojodu, described Mr. Fayose’s comments as “disrespectful”, urging the state executive to invest his energy on governing Ekiti state and not ‘insulting’ the President.

He wondered why Mr. Fayose would call for the president’s resignation at a time all Nigerians are praying for him.

“He (Fayose) has been quarrelling with everybody. Even in Ekiti, he is demolishing filling stations belonging to the opposition,” Mr. Ojudu, a former senator from Ekiti, said.

“He has always been insulting the president and disparaging a man old enough to be his father.

“He is portraying Ekiti in a bad light. We are not like that. Is he the only governor, why is it that he is the only one making so much noise?”

He further said Fayose had failed in governance, plunging his people into hardship and poverty.

“Right now, fuel is not being sold in Ekiti because he is busy demolishing filling stations under one guise of the other,” he continued.

“People are buying fuel from neighbouring states. People are suffering, they are tired of his ways.

“Go and tell him to concentrate on governance and to stop insulting the president.”



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