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‘I Practice All The Religions Very Well’ – Ooni Of Ife

‘I Practice All The Religions Very Well’ – Ooni Of Ife


Ooni of Ife, Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi has finally set the records straight on doubts about the religion he identifies with, and this comes almost a year after he called Jesus Christ his ‘father’ and stirred a major controversy online.
Recall that during the thanksgiving of his coronation last July, the Ife monarch knelt and thanked God, and then proceeded to call Jesus Christ his father. That move sent a strong statement which earned him massive backlash on social media.

Shortly after, the monarch noted that he is unmoved by the criticisms. “I will continue to do it forever and ever. Those who criticised me are ignorant of the supreme power of God Almighty before whom all kings must bow. God is the King of all kings. He appoints kings and dethrones them,” he told Punch.

Now, the Ooni of Ife has added that not only does he worship God in a church, he is also a staunch Muslim and a traditionalist.
Here’s what he said on the Osasu Show,:

“I am not a Christian alone, I can be called a Muslim too. I practice all the religions very well. I go to the mosque to pray. I go to the church for service.

Yes, you are correct that I am a traditionalist. Yes, you are correct that I was born a Christian. but the only one you didn’t add is I am a practicing Muslim as well.

And I will tell you something that people don’t understand: Every religion is one, but we have a different perspective to these different religions, because God is one. Unitary God.

And for me, I have been able to see the light – that there is nothing that is demonic in our ancient traditional religion. Nothing. It is the western world that [demonised it].”



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