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Here Are Reasons You Hate Your Partner

Here Are Reasons You Hate Your Partner


Learning that you are not attracted to your lover any longer is hard to bear or even hard to consider. Do you find yourself wondering if you are at all attracted to your boyfriend?Do you think that there is a huge disconnect between you two?

Below, I’ve got the top signals that you hate your partner so maybe, you can finally admit it.
Remember, just because you are not attracted to your partner, doesn’t mean you can’t attempt to be friends with him or her…



Fantasies Falling Short

Intimate relationships and marriages can be a dream come true but, for many, they can feel like a nightmare. Consciously or unconsciously, people go into marriage or relationship with expectations from their own parents’ relationship. Some people try to fashion the closeness or distance they observed between their parents, while others affirm desperately that they will never repeat what they saw. Either way, you may feel angry, anxious, and/or hopeless if your relationship falls short of your expectations.

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