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Ooni Of Ife’s SUV Now To Use Cooking Gas As Fuel

Ooni Of Ife’s SUV Now To Use Cooking Gas As Fuel


The official SUV of the Imperial Majesty, the Ooni of Ife, Oba Enitan Babatunde Adeyeye Ogunwusi was among the four vehicles converted from the use of premium motor spirit (PMS) to domestic/ cooking gas, (LPG) and were unveiled before the media by THLD International Logistic Limited on Saturday, 25th of February, 2017.

The unveiling ceremony which took place at the temporary premises of THLD at 79/81 Awolowo road, Ikeja, Lagos was witnessed by a horde of journalist.

The event became a platform where the workability of the new system of powering motor engines was explained in its simplest method to the pressmen.

Other vehicles remodernised are the transit buses belonging to Chisco and Efex Motor Lines. A car belong to THLD was also recreated for the use of cooking gas.

However, the CEO/ M.D of THLD via Skype, Mr. Olusegun Olajuwan told the media that his company has perfected its plans to getting almost every vehicle in Nigeria to the use of domestic gas (LPG) instead of the present norm of the utilization of petrol and diesel.

Mr. Olajuwan said, “THLD International Logistic has come to Nigeria at the right time. The present economic recession has necessitated Nigerians to looking for alternative but cheaper means of generating power via generator sets and fueling of their vehicles. There is no better time than now for Nigerians vis-à-vis the governments and corporate bodies to embrace this innovation.

“Permit me to say, that where Nigeria is only now getting this service, other African countries like Ghana has been using this method to power their cars and trucks for many years. The problem is not that the system is bad for us, its introduction was hampered because Nigerians are most times slow in adapting to new technologies.

“One other factor responsible for the delay was that as earlier on mentioned the cheap nature of petrol and gas before the economic downturn. Using domestic gas to power vehicles on Nigerian roads would make the environment safer as it would in great number reduce environmental pollution.

This innovation been powered by STAG, which is one of the world’s most reliable CNG/ LPG technology based company, would revolutionised our road transport system, culminating in lower fares for commuters.”

Meanwhile, the Public Relations Officer of THLD, Simon Asemoh promised the training of more Nigerian engineers on the conversion process. He said that the idea of the transfer of the technology to more engineers apart from the over ten already trained at the conversion centers in LTV, Ikeja and HN Autocenter at Ogudu, Lagos is a determination by THLD to help build the capacity of our local motor mechanics in the new know-how.

He said, “The next phase of conversion would be at Bassa Local Government Area of Plateau state. The LGA Chairman, Mrs. Sarah L. Bali has assented to the construction of an OEM plant and conversion center in Bassa. This is in addition to the interest been shown to us by various states.

“By the end of March, 2017 eighty five vehicles in Plateau state would have been converted by our team of engineers supervised by STAG’s engineers, Grzegorz Kielsa and Marek Bura. This is one of our contributions to the bettering of Nigeria’s economic and social life.”

To supplement the Lagos state government’s push to making the aquatic state a mega-city, THLD stated that it is importing into the country, its new versions of tricycles, popularly called Keke- Marwa or Keke- Napep. The three-wheeled vehicle would also run on cooking gas (LPG) and are fully air-conditioned for the comfort of passengers and drivers.



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