Home Entertainment “Money Is More Important Than Passion” — 9ice
“Money Is More Important Than Passion” — 9ice

“Money Is More Important Than Passion” — 9ice


9ice seems to disagree with Quilox boss, Shina Peller, says money is more important than passion. This comes just a couple of weeks after Shina Peller told Nigerians to chase their passion instead of money.

9ice performing at the Industry Nite in Lagos, Nigeria on Thursday, March 30.
9ice left his fans concerned when he repeatedly said money is the most important thing in life. He made this known before the performance of his new song, ‘Living Things’, at Industry Nite in Lagos on March 30.

‘Leyin owo, owo ni,’ the singer said three times in Yoruba, which translates to, ‘After money, it’s still money’.
Recall that two weeks ago, Club Quilox boss, Shina Peller got dragged online for his advice on money and passion.

‘Stop chasing the money and start chasing the passion,’ Peller had said. But Nigerians didn’t agree with him, having seen what pop star, Davido and Malaysia-based Nigerian big boy, Ray HushPuppi did with their big spending at his popular Lagos club.



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