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‘I Wish I Was Already Married With Kids’ – Actress Moyo Lawal

‘I Wish I Was Already Married With Kids’ – Actress Moyo Lawal


Curvy Nollywood actress, Moyo Lawal, has admitted that the fact that she was still single is becoming a serious concern as she would love to deliver grandchildren for her dad as soon as practicable. The talented actress in an exclusive interview with GreennewsNG‘s Daniel Fayemi revealed that as much as she would love to have a man in her life, he is yet to come forward and sweep her off her feet.

I Wish I Was Already Married With Kids’ – Actress, Moyo LawalHaving recently celebrated a new age, she opened up on what she thought was still missing in her life, “I would have loved to be married with kids, mainly because of my dad who is still alive (my mom is late) Just to bring joy to my dad… that’s what I wish I have attained at my age. I am under pressure because I’m the first child in my family and I know my dad would love to have grandchildren but I think it’s important to find that person that I can make happy and I’m not sure I found that person yet or that person has found me yet. It’s not just about getting married basically, there’s pressure, yes but I’m not putting myself under any pressure.”

And when it was pointed to her that many male admirers constantly flood her social media with romantic advances she said, “I have lots of toasters and all, but I think it goes way beyond that. I’m a very deep person so for me, it’s not really the surface and it’s important to find that person that vibes with you on the same level. Society has shown us many unhappy marriages that seem happy to us but are not. I don’t want a marriage that I would have to fight to maintain. It should be easy and comfortable, that’s what I feel. My ideal man is basically someone I can make happy and if they really are interested in me they would find out what I mean by someone I can make happy.

The sexy acrtress has had to deal with a lot of speculations about her body recently, with many people suggesting that she must have artificially augmented her ample bosom. She insisted that she was just lucky to be fleshy in the right places and that she has never done any body-enhancing procedure.

“I think I’m used to people assuming things about me, about my life. I’m used to it because I can’t tell everybody, ‘I’ve not done any implants, my body is natural’ and all. I don’t think I have a body that’s so fantastic so I don’t know why everybody feels that I have done anything plastic. I have not gone plastic at all in any way whatsoever. The trick is exercising right. I’ve said it before and I’m saying it again though a lot of people don’t believe me, in my fridge, you’ll find tomatoes. They are natural skin lighteners so I learnt how to eat tomatoes.

Moyo also disagreed with the school of thought that her banging body is one of the reasons movie directors love casting her. “I started my career before my body fully developed and I was getting roles. I think it was last year that everybody started giving so much attention to my body. I wouldn’t say my body developed my career for me.”

She also spoke about the growth of the cinema culture in Nigeria, describing as amazing, the rate at which Nigerians troop to the cinemas to see Nollywood movies. “It’s really fantastic to see people actually go to the cinema to watch our movies and I hope and pray we’ll get to a stage where it’s Nigeria movies that would dominate our cinemas like music has done.”

On why there aren’t enough of those world class quality movies yet, she added, “We also have to remember that demand determines supply and the honest reality is that it’s mainly people on the streets that actually watch our movies more. You can’t compare the number of people that go to the cinemas with the numbers on the street. I know it’s growing but it’s not there yet so I guess that explains why there are not so many Nigerian movies in the cinemas yet. It’s a huge budget to make a cinema movie happen and we don’t have that kind of budget flying around just yet. If we can get support from brands, organisations and so on, we can produce better quality movies.”

In conclusion, Moyo Lawal, stressed that she would be more out and about this year unlike in 2016 when she almost didn’t attend any social function as she was always working. “Professionally 2016 was an extremely busy year. I spent the first few months concentrating more on the family then the remaining part was work, work and work. It was moving from one movie to another movie to another movie. It was an amazing year for me work wise. Personally I didn’t have time for myself and that’s why in 2017 I have decided to do fewer movies so I can go out more, attend events and all.”



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