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#BBNaija: Sexual Indulgence Has Failed To Save Big Brother Naija Housemates

#BBNaija: Sexual Indulgence Has Failed To Save Big Brother Naija Housemates


There has been so much nudity and sexual content on Big Brother Naija, but for some reason, housemates who have indulged have all lost.

This observation came into prominence after the eviction of three housemates who entertained viewers with the kind of content Nigerians are supposedly interested in.

In the past, being a playboy, going nude or engaging in sexual activities made a housemate popular and in turn most times ensured their stay in the house for a long period.

#BBNaija how will u send two of the most entertaining dudes home when u still have Coco ice,Kemen n Tboss in the house..Retweet is u agree..

It’s four weeks into the Big Brother Naija show and while Nigerians have and are still enjoying the sexual escapades that happen in the house, they have not hesitated to vote out the housemates involved.

These evictions prove that several other factors influence a housemate’s popularity and win, and going nude or having lots of sexual moments are no longer determining factors.

Factors such as persona and sentiments have influenced viewers decisions in the past two Live Evictions.

In the first official eviction week, Soma, Miyonse and Efe were up for eviction. While Soma and Miyonse kept viewers entertained with their sexual activities with fellow housemates Gifty and TBoss, Efe was simply an active housemate who had won hearts with his dramatic entrance on the show’s opening night.

If you think #bbnaija Show has become boring since the eviction of Soma and Miyonse, Telemundo and Zee world is where you belong.

Considering Nigerians and their record of saving housemates who provide them with sexually explicit drama, it was shocking that they chose the rather gentle Efe to Soma and Miyonse.

On Sunday, February 12, 2017, Nigerians saved Debbie-Rise (a talented housemate who is more focused on her music than on being dramatic) instead of CocoIce who had bared her breast on Live Television while her fellow housemate Bassey feasted on it.

CocoIce was up for eviction alongside the dramatic Bisola and Gifty, and the boring Bassey and Debbie-Rise.
Anyone would have expected CocoIce’s breasts to save her, afterall, she had shown Nigerians her willingness to do anything on the show.

This Debbie rise be like Buhari. Entered the house with so much ginger, got in there and became invincible. Cold af. Debbie Ice #BBNaija

Defenders of the sexual content on Big Brother Naija claim it is a form of entertainment. But, when it comes to the weekly voting, the results so far have proven that the viewers are not influenced by that kind of ‘entertainment.’

A week after Soma and Miyonse’s eviction, BBNaija didn’t trend on social media. Nobody was kissing, cuddling, breaking up or engaging in foreplay. The remaining housemates were more of people who were reserved and not bold enough to make such explicit moves, thus the boring social media moments during the week.

How did people vote Debbie Rise more than Gifty? This is how Nigerians voted Buhari with no sense #BBNaija

The show only comes alive during Saturday house parties, when housemates get drunk, bare their boobs, cuddle up and participate in kissing festivals.

Without its sexual content, Big Brother Naija doesn’t trend on social media. However, while Nigerians relish those explicit moments, it hasn’t been the salvation of any housemate so far on the show.

Following the eviction of Soma, Miyonse and Cocoice, Biggie decided to introduce two fake housemates, Ese and Jon, to galvanize the game in Big Brother Naija house.

Gifty, who has been ‘entertaining’ is currently up for eviction, viewers would have to wait until Sunday to find out if her accent, kissing spree, and relationships will save her.

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