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#BBNaija – Highlights For Day 9

#BBNaija – Highlights For Day 9


Did you watch day 9 of the Big Brother Naija reality show?

If you missed it, we’ve got the highlights for you!

A Coup

Debbie-Rise surely has had one of the busiest introductions into Biggie’s House. Biggie called Debbie-Rise into the Diary room and asked her how she was enjoying the House. She said that she loved it so far. Biggie then cut short the small talk and gave a shocked Joker two potentially explosive Secret Tasks. Biggie’s first Secret Task for her was for her to find the Igwe’s secret black book which Biggie had given to CoCoIce to create conflict in the House.

Biggie explained that if she was to find it, she would immediately become the new Igwe. She was also told that she could enlist the help of one other Housemate in this endeavor. Biggie warned her that she had to keep it secret from Igwe or else she would fail in her mission. “Just a small black diary” was Biggie’s response when Debbie-Rise asked what the book looked like.

Not finished with the Joker, Biggie revealed her second Task which was to “encourage the Housemates to stand up to the Igwe” during the next Task presentation, to stage a coup d’etat. She was only to do this Secret Task if she hadn’t found the black diary by the time the Task Presentation was being done.

This visibly moved Debbie-Rise to distraction and she exited the Diary Room worriedly muttering to herself.

A New HoH

It was inevitable that there was going to be some fallout from everything that has been happening in the House. Tensions have been building in the House after the Fake Evictions, with the Housemates starting to realize that they were now in a game and that the stakes were high. Debbie-Rise had an interesting introduction to the House when she was chosen as the House Joker. Part of her function was to sow the seeds of discontent with Biggie giving her two Secret Tasks to fulfill.

Miyonse and Soma were up for Eviction along with Efe, who had been replaced with Gifty by Igwe. It added to the general tense atmosphere in the House. Efe took the initiative and along with his cohorts, ThinTallTony, Bisola and Debbie-Rise, managed to obtain the key and powered by Section 8 0f Big Brother’s rule book, took the Igwe crown which CoCoIce had left unattended and usurped the Igwe crown to become the new Head of House. Chaos and confusion reigned in the House from thereon in with spats flaring up between Bisola and CoCoIce with CoCoIce feeling betrayed and Bisola explaining that “I followed the instructions of Big Brother!”

Bisola seems to be playing a smart game, aligning herself with Efe and ThinTallTony. Meanwhile, elsewhere in the House, TBoss’ new strategy appeared to be to strip down in front of everyone in the changing room, with ThinTallTony quipping that he likes her body. Miyonse, on the other hand seemed to be cozying up to Gifty, consoling himself in the culinary arts.

Honesty Time

In this evening’s Diary session, Big Brother gave all the Housemates an opportunity to bare their minds about the recent happenings in the House, the manner in which Igwe Efe took the crown, and what they thought of their fellow Housemates.

Most of the Housemates admitted that they were happy with Efe becoming the new Igwe and went as far as admitting that CocoIce’s tenure wasn’t the greatest. Some even went as far as admitting that Igwe Efe’s audacious move for the crown with regards to the House rules was a serious eye opener for them.

Some of the Housemates further added that even though there were a few alliances formed in the past, a sense of individualism has now dawned on everyone and the realization that it is every man for himself.



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