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#BBNaija: Day 32 – Bisola The Aligator Queen, Biggie Pulls A Fast One On The Housemates & They Win Their Wager!

#BBNaija: Day 32 – Bisola The Aligator Queen, Biggie Pulls A Fast One On The Housemates & They Win Their Wager!


Did you watch Day 32 if the Big Brother Reality TV show?

If you missed it we’ve got the highlights for you!

45 Molars (Aligator Queen)

With the House chores out of the way, Bassey and Bisola lingered around the closet area sharing jokes and in walked ThinTallTony and the conversation took an instant dramatic turn. Bassey first expressed his shock and playful trauma at the sounds that emanated from Bisola as she was brushing her teeth earlier.

ThinTallTony took the joke to astronomical levels when he simulated a news broadcaster and asked Bassey if he was traumatized by watching and dealing with an alligator brushing her 45 Molars. He then proceeded to attempt to interview “the alligator” from a distance citing the fact that he needed a boom mic so as to stay safe.

As the joke progressed, they even teased Bisola that during the Dark Bath Task yesterday, all the Housemates were very squirmish and screamed in the tub, but Bisola remained calm as she was “at home in her elements” in the swampy murk they were sitting in. This line got Bisola in stitches as she attempted to bite Bassey.

This bite move got them pushing the boundaries of the joke further as they suggested she was attempting to turn Bassey into an alligator too. ThinTallTony got up immediately and simulated admitting an antidote to a twitching Bassey. TTT was quick to add that he had been bitten by the alligator yesterday and didn’t administer the antidote timeously, hence his occasional bouts of twitching.

Superstitious Accessories

The new Brief sent by Biggie was to inform the Housemates that they needed to spice up their play presentation for tonight. The good news from Biggie was that there was a box of accessories waiting for them in the store room and these accessories would help them spruce up their outfits and add more zest to their Play Presentations.

Biggie had informed them yesterday that they needed to discuss the various superstitions they remembered from their childhood days, and they were required to divide themselves into two separate groups and each group needed to create a play themed after these superstitions.

Biggie Pulls a Fast one

Just when the Housemates thought their secrets were safe, Biggie pulled a fast one on them.

They were called into the Arena for Part Two of the Task where they have to eat disgusting food in order to keep their secrets safe. Part One of the Task was on Tuesday, where Biggie asked the Housemates to write down their most daring secret and further gave them the chance of opting to keep their secrets safe by eating the disgusting food, or risk having them revealed, should they refuse.

The Housemates agreed to eat the food, except for TBoss, who flatly refused at first but asked HoH Kemen to plead with Biggie to give her a second chance, after all the other Housemates had eaten their food. Her request was granted and she proceeded to eat, joining the other Housemates who had already completed the Task. Biggie then assured them that their secrets were safe. Little did they know that Biggie had one up his sleeve.

The Housemates were once again made to eat disgusting food this afternoon. Some of the food included boiled seaweed, octopus, boiled cow tongue, squid tentacles, and clams. Biggie had warned them before that Task began, that the Task was a team effort. Should one of them fail to eat the food, all of them would have failed.

Before the challenge even began, the Housemates were already speculating what Biggie had in store for them. “I do not like what I see,” said Bally. ThinTallTony guessed Biggie would make them eat disgusting food again. “You’ll see live crab,” Bisola chipped in. Her guess was spot on!

When Biggie finished explaining the challenge rules, HoH Kemen requested that the Housemates be given a couple of seconds to discuss if they were up to the challenge. However, Biggie flatly refused. Kemen was called up first, followed by Efe, Uriel, Jon, bally, Bisola, Debie-Rise, ThinTallTony, TBoss, Ese and lastly, Bassey.

Debie-Rise and TBoss struggled most. The other Housemates even made fun of TBoss after she screamed, “Oh my God, it has poo-poo in it!”. Ese used the same tone, screaming “Oh my God, you have to eat it!” right back, much to the amusement of the other Housemates.

After all the Housemates had completed the Task, Biggie jokingly said he wanted to test how far the Housemates would go to keep their secrets safe. He said his Ninjas would bring another round of disgusting food. The Housemates gasped in horror upon hearing this. Biggie then let them know he was joking. He congratulated the Housemates for a job well done and further assured them that their secrets were safe.

Housemates had a Mouthful to say

The Housemates had a mouthful to say to Biggie during their separate Diary Sessions today.

It’s been two days since they last had their Diary Sessions so it came as no surprise that they had quite a lot to say, it being a hectic week for them with all the scary Tasks and all.

The Housemates made comments about the Disgusting Food/Secrets, the Dark Bath Tasks, the surprise visit from actor and comedian Mr. Ibu, as well as their Task Presentation, among their general comments about the mood, what’s happening in the House.

First up in the Diary Room was Fake Housemate Ese, who noted that several Housemates were trying to get on her nerves. TBoss was the main culprit. Biggie had to remind her that she is the house irritant after all, therefore she should also take a bit of irritating behavior from the other Housemates.

Debie-Rise, TBoss, Bally, Uriel and Bassey complained of having sore tummies after the Disgusting Food/Secrets Task. “I am bloated and disgusted. We had to eat disgusting food. It was like eating a plateful of fermented vomit. It’s really been a crazy week. I have bruises all over my body,” said TBoss.

“I think it’s amazing that Mr Ibu came yesterday, especially since we had just talked about him the previous day. I was happy that he opened his heart and gave us an opportunity to work with him when we come out of the House,” said ThinTallTony.

Housemates win their Wager

“Housemates, Big Brother is not in the mood to withhold your Wager. You have won your Wager,” sounded Biggie’s voice over the intercom.

This was met with loud screams and leaps of joy from the Housemates. They had put in 100% Wager this week.

This made it the second week in a row that Housemates won their Wager. Their excitement was so much, such that Biggie had to ask them to settle down so he could continue with the announcement that he had something special for them in the Store Room.

This week’s theme was centered on Fears, Phobias, and Superstitions and Biggie has had the Housemates doing all sorts of scary things, from eating disgusting food to being poured with slimy substances and other scary activities.

For the Task Presentation, the Housemates were divided into two groups. The one group consisted of Marvis, Uriel, Bally, Debie-Rise, ThinTallTony and Kemen and in the other group was Bisola, TBoss, Efe, Jon, Bassey and Ese. Both groups had come up with a performance.

Before delivering the verdict, Biggie reminded the Housemates that they would be judged based on the quality of their collective performance. He also commended the Housemates for overcoming their fears this week by taking part in the Tasks.

After Biggie had announced that the Housemates had a “gift” for the Housemates in the Store Room, they hurried to see what it was. They were more than happy to find crates of Legend Stout and Heineken.

ThinTallTony said there were instances where he doubted they would win their Wager. “I think our conduct this week boosted our chances.”

Meanwhile, Kemen and Bally noted that they had all put in a great performance. They agreed that Bisola was the best performer for the night. “I haven’t seen such good acting in a long time,” said Kemen. Bally added,“She killed it!”

The Housemates sat around enjoying Biggie’s gift and it was only a few minutes later that Biggie called them to take part in the I Am legend Task, where a Housemate had to pick a name of one of Nigerian legends, without actually looking at it and try to guess who it was,



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