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#BBNaija: Day 29 – Kemen Emerges King, Ice Prince Visits Housemates & More

#BBNaija: Day 29 – Kemen Emerges King, Ice Prince Visits Housemates & More


Did you watch Day 29 of the Big Brother Naija reality TV show? If you missed it we’ve got the highlights for you!

Throwing shade and Double crossing

An eerie silence hung over the Big Brother Naija House as Gifty said her goodbyes and quietly walked out the door. Most of the Housemates stared blankly into space trying to process everything that had just happened. “Biggie has managed to make me hate Sunday’s” Efe finally added, breaking the silence.

TBoss and Ese went outside and the latter apologized for the fight over the chair that happened earlier in the day. She seemed to immediately backtrack, however, saying TBoss didn’t come into the House with it and it didn’t have her name on it! TBoss looked stunned by the backhanded apology but kept listening anyway.

The topic changed to Uriel who Ese described as a “backstabber”. This immediately peaked TBoss’ interest as someone else had used to term to anonymously throw shade at Uriel during the T-shirt challenge. However, these ladies weren’t the only ones throwing shade.

At that exact moment, Uriel was being consoled by Efe after lamenting that she wasn’t close to anyone in the House and as a result, she felt lonely and needed affection. Efe held her close and told her he loved how “real” and “true to herself” she was.

A surprising revelation considering he called her fake only a few days ago during his Diary Session on Thursday (Day 25). He then took shots at TBoss alleging she was manipulative and was latching on to Debie-Rise because she knew Gifty was going home.

His last words to the Housemates before he stepped out of the House was for everyone to be real



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