Home News NgTrends Opinion; ‘The Unrevealed Truth Why Most Celebrities Fails In Marriage.
NgTrends Opinion; ‘The Unrevealed Truth Why Most Celebrities Fails In Marriage.

NgTrends Opinion; ‘The Unrevealed Truth Why Most Celebrities Fails In Marriage.



There’s this general belief that celebrities can’t make a home, and that if they mistakenly gets married, it must surely crumble and end in a mess or  fiasco. But the question is how true is this statement? As  an information personnel, I know that until information has truth value, it is not permitted to be called information but remains data. Okay let’s take the ride on.  The truth is, men are not freaked by frivolities anymore. That you are a star does not guarantee you a home, it can manage to give you a house and it will be left in your hands whether to make it a home or not.

Gone are those days when men look at the physical beauty of a woman.  A real man is interested in the content more than the container. Men are not interested in the number of dates you’ve had or the successes you have achieved or even how you slept with Tom, DICK and Harry. Real men of our trends are looking for a woman of purpose, one with vision for her future with a charming figure, excellent achievement, highly placed but yet submissive.

It is not the number of Mary K you apply on your face that makes you a real woman; it is the quality of your character. Most celebrities look down on men because they feel higher than them as a result; respect in the home is jeopardized. The truth is, the man may not have television now, but if he is a man of vision, with his vision, he will put you inside television. Although the rate of divorce amongst celebrities is high but there are reasons for that as I earlier mentioned. If the character of humility and submission is put in place, the rate of divorce will be low. I often hear people say that celebrities are flirts so their marriages can’t last. Show me a number of celebrities whose marriages didn’t last, then I will tell you many who are still swimming in the pool of love with their husbands. Examples are Omotola Jalade, our own Omo sexy, Mercy Johnson, Joke Silver and many others.

Alot of eyes are waiting to see captions like Mercy Johnson or Omotola, breaks up with their husbands! Well, I think that expectation will last forever why because, it takes a humble and submissive woman to keep a home. The marriage box is empty and it is what you put into it,  that you see. And love covers all odds. Marriage is one school that is everlasting and certificate is issued even before graduation.

Men see things differently from women. They enjoy seeing women who dress seductively outside but wouldn’t permit their wives to dress that way. The reason is they feel their personal treasure is much better protected beneath modest, but attractive attire. Most women don’t know how to dress. And you mustn’t be a universal marketer of your boobs before you can be called a celebrity.

The truth is whatever is esteemed too cheaply is not valued. If you enter the supermarket, you will discover that most valuable and expensive goods ate always sealed and not assessed by everyone. It is only those who have agreed to pay for it that buys it before they have access to it. The woman body is like an orange which you suck and afterwards, what remains turns biter as chaff and it is thrown into the  thrash. There is no second time to make a first impression.

Most celebrity marriages that broke, broke because, the woman felt she was a star and needed to be respected in the same way as the man. But the truth is men are born to be the head and as the head, their respect is paramount to them. Every marriage has its ups and downs. In the same way, when you see a rose, it is always beautiful to behold with its fragrance intact but at the same time, all roses have thorns that can scratch us and make us bleed. It is not too late to make that marriage work, if you have made the mistake of losing your home due to pride and arrogance, lack of submission, don’t hide in the umbrella that celebrity marriages also fail, make yours work. As it is said, all men are dogs, but you can make your own dog a loyal dog. Speak your spouses love language, respect and love each other, and I see your marriages rejuvenating again.

Ogbormeh Faith Okachi, for NgTrends.com. Stay on top.



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